The Ultimate Guide for Covering your Tattoos for Work (2020)

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Tattoos are entirely accepted in the seemingly recalcitrant part of the population who are outwardly very expressive of their beliefs and feelings. So much so that they have them permanently embedded on their skin. While you are free to do with and modify your body however you want, there are sectors/companies who, for the purpose of formality and self-image, will not hire people with tattoos. Better yet, they may employ you but on condition that you conceal your tattoos while on duty. 

So how do you cover your tattoos for work? Here are a few tricks to help out.

drystoneshop Covering your Tattoos for Work

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Put on Modest Outfits

It may be fun and trendy to put on sleeveless tops and short skirts for work. But the story changes when you have a glaring arm or leg tattoo. In this case, it’s only better for you to put on modest outfits that cover your arms all the way to your wrist or your elbows depending on how large your tattoo is. 

Also, ditch the skirts for pants. If you happen to have a tattoo on your neck or your ankles, scarves or stockings and socks are great for concealing these tattoos. Say you have tattoos on your lower back, put on longer blouses and turtle neck shirts. If possible, you can tuck them in just to be sure that when you sit or bend, your back tattoo isn’t left exposed.

Dressing modest doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. In fact, there’s a way you can make it look so fashionable. So much so your employers won’t make such a big fuss if your tattoos are showing albeit partially. 

Women more than men have to watch what they wear to work for men; it’s pretty easy because formal wear is pretty much full-coverage. But for women, the tips here may prove quite helpful when you want to keep your tattoos away from sight.

Covering your Tattoos

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Put on Jewelry

Watches, bangles, bracelets and neckpieces are a small yet ingenious way of hiding small tattoos on your body. Use rings to hide finger tattoos too.

No need to break the bank buying expensive jewellery; there are plenty of simple and inexpensive jewellery options you can choose and still look fabulous. 

Put on Make-up

It may seem tedious to apply make-up every day to hide your tattoos. But remember you don’t have to use the make-up to cover the whole tattoo. Only put on make-up on those areas where the tattoos are visible. 

Make-up is the best solution to conceal those tattoos on areas that cannot be hidden using jewelry or outfits. If for example, you’ve got face tattoos or tattoos on your neck right under your chin, it’s hard to find anything other than a little foundation to hide them completely. Don’t apply too much make-up, only as much as is necessary. Be sure to find products that match your exact skin tone lest you have darker skin on some areas and brighter skin on other parts of the body. 

Note that applying make-up on a fresh tattoo can expose you to infections, allergic reactions or inflammation. Applying the wrong make-up will attract the wrong attention and have people looking at you sideways thinking that you are covering a bruise when what lies underneath is only a tattoo. 

To keep make-up from transferring to your clothes, give it some time to dry or apply some hairspray so that it lasts longer on your skin.

Tattoo Removal

Going for a tattoo removal procedure may seem too drastic a measure to opt for to keep your job. But when it’s a tattoo you don’t like very much, one that looks distorted because you’ve gained weight, or a tattoo of your ex, you wouldn’t think twice about permanently doing away with it.

Visit a certified dermatologist for consultations on the best tattoo removal methods. Here you will learn that you have one of three tattoo removal options to choose from. They include dermabrasion, laser removal and surgical removal. These are all intricate procedures that tend to take a lot of time to complete and even more time to heal. 

Regardless of which of the three tattoo removal options you choose, you will end up with a scar. Tattoo removal is an incredibly costly procedure that only a few are financially able enough to consider. It is also quite painful, and not many are willing to go through the agony when other, less painful and cheaper options exist.

Use your Hair

Do you have long hair? Instead of tucking it in with hairpins or holding it back in a ponytail, how about you let it loose? This will only work for you if you have small neck tattoos and upper back tattoos. Is your hair not long enough to hide your tattoos? How about you put on extensions or a wig? This is only a temporary solution to go for as you grow out your hair. Within three months or even less, depending on your hair’s growth rate you should ditch the extensions and the wigs for your full natural hair.

If you expect to be called for work within a couple of months or more and you have a neck tattoo, you have enough time to grow out your hair long enough to cover your neck if you have short hair.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a semi-permanent solution for those guys who don’t have the commitment nor the patience to keep applying make-up on top of their skin daily or don’t want to have to put on clothes they don’t like to hide their tattoos.

What should you expect? Tanning works by adding a darker extra layer of skin-colored paint over your skin. It can last for at least a week, but with proper skincare, it can last even longer. The tan will get even darker with time. To make it last longer, apply generous amounts of lotion to keep your skin moisturized and always pat dry instead of rubbing after your shower.

It’s prudent to note that spray tans are only viable for those people who’ve got smaller sized tattoos that are lighter in color. The darker your tattoo is, the harder it will be to conceal it with tanning. If you meet these requirements, spray tanning is a viable option.


Specialized Tattoo Concealing Products

There are products that are specifically designed to help you hide your tattoos. For example, there are veil creams that come in different shades to match different skin complexions. Such creams are made from organic raw materials and are designed to last longer on your skin and to provide full coverage. Whether you have oily or dry skin, dark or light skin, you can bet that there’s a veil cream that’s skin-friendly and free of allergens that may cause skin inflammation or irritation. This provided that you buy your creams from authentic sources and pharmacies.

If veil creams aren’t your cup of tea, how about you go for cover-up tapes for your tattoos? These tapes are skin coloured and come in different sizes. They are however ideal for guys who want to conceal smaller sized tattoos. If you have a large tattoo, you may have to use several cover-up tapes to cover it completely.

No, doubt, it soothes your confidence to show off your tattoos on any given day you’re out strutting the streets to and from work. A tattoo isn’t something you should be embarrassed or regretful about. But while your tattoos are indisputably amazing, it is vital that you keep your job or make it past the interviewing stage, right? 

Above are some viable ways to cover your tattoos to keep looking classy and professional at your workplace. If you work in a job that has a relaxed clothing policy you can express your taste in art with an item from our Inked clothing store