Top 9 Tattoo Blogs worth Reading

Tattoo culture isn’t going anywhere but growing in leaps and bounds. In fact, the culture of tattoos is so widespread that it doesn't take long before you spot lots of tattoo styles and images. People are continually putting up Instagram accounts and websites that focus on tattoo designs, ideas, and culture. 

The technology of applying tattoos on our bodies has also changed.It’s now  safer and convenient to place tattoos anywhere on the body. What’s more, if you can’t place a tattoo on your body, you can get it on a hoodie, t-shirt, and any other tattoo clothing of your choice. Simply put, it’s not a must to have a tattoo on your skin, you can buy a garment with tattoo embroidery and still enjoy the tattoo culture. Looking to have a tattoo but need inspiration? You can get all the inspiration and motivation you need by reading various  tattoo blogs out there.

Below are tattoo blogs that explore tattoo culture. Each blog has a unique way of expounding about tattoos, and the information on the blogs vary too. One thing that’s common across all tattoo blogs is that the information, images, and styles on the blogs are interesting and awesome. Here are some of the top tattoos blogs to look at.

Needles and Sins

Needles and Sins is a product of Marisa Kakoulas. The blog is dedicated to exploring music, ink, graffiti, and other alternative cultures. Marisa researches and prepares top-notch content about different tattoo artists, tattoo conventions, latest news, and styles in the tattooing industry. Marisa’s work is so exceptional that it gets her featured in popular publications such as an inked magazine. She even got her four books broadcasted in a series revolving around diverse styles of tattoo art. In 2009, the tattoo blog began a series of Objectified Tattooed Men; a series meant to highlight the beauty behind large tattoos men apply on their bodies. If you’re looking for a Tattoo blog that will ignite your passion for Tattoo culture, then you can’t miss checking out this blog.



Th’ink is an affiliate of Things & Ink Magazine. It is a UK-based blog that publishes beautiful tattoo visuals and accompanies them with interviews and testimonials from people in the tattooing industry. Th’ink acts as an independent blog that takes an artistic approach when looking, expounding, and exploring the tattoo industry. 

Think of this blog as a collector of tattoos from past and present. It’s more than a blog- it’s a lifestyle. The blog covers  newbies and veterans tattoo lovers, including content about pop and alternative culture. 

If you’re looking for a blog whose work is classy and something you’d want to converse about, head to the blog for incredibly rich information about tattoos. Also, discover the right products you need to use during tattoo application and after. Plus, other artists and ideas that will enrich your life.  

Tattoo Life

Tattoo Life is a tattoo blog founded by Miki Vialetto. He started by working as an editor of Tattoo Review, which was the first Italian publication, which focused solely on tattoos. Miki loved skin art even when he was traveling across the world using his motorcycle. During his travels, he met some of the best tattoo artists and personally sampled their work. This brought about long term friendship and respect. 

Miki’s experience and encounter with top tattoo artists contributed to him becoming the chief editor of tattoo review and later started his blog – tattoo life. The tattoo blog is an internationally acclaimed publication that focuses on the art of tattoo and its relation to fine art and street culture. The  blog is so informative that it has become a reference to many tattoo enthusiasts and other professionals. The blog distinguishes itself from the rest by posting high quality articles and other content formats. Ultimately, if you are passionate about tattoos, it’s important to check out different tattoo blogs to have  more knowledge about the topic.

Tiny Tattoos

Small tattoos are on the trend right now. They are cute, easy to hide, and almost painless when getting them compared to more prominent tattoos. However, as much as a tattoo is small, it comes with its risks. The people behind the Tiny Tattoo’s blog understand the risks behind getting small tattoos and  thus have come up with a series of informative content on small tattoos.

The blog is also full of inspirations in case you’re planning to have a small tattoo. In fact, the blog is updated almost every day to keep readers engaged.What’s more, the blog also gives you a chance to showcase your tattoos to the world.

Your Body is a Canvas

People rarely think about where to place a tattoo before getting one. As such most people end up with fabulous art on the wrong part of the bodies. Ideally, most Tattoos aren’t inked in the right place.

That’s where Your Body is a Canvas come in. The blog focuses on how tattoos look on a human body and extensively discusses how to apply different types of symbols. If you’re wondering where to place that tattoo you’ve always fancied, look at this blog for great inspiration: the blog features black and grey, color, traditional, new school, and other gorgeous models tattoos. 

If you’re looking to add a tattoo on your body, head to the  blog to find out which design fits where. They showcase most tattoos on women or girl bodies.

True Artists

True artists is not only a blog but also an organization. They post articles about tattoo art, awards world top tattoo artists and certifies their shop as well. They are  known to accept only the best tattoo artists and even provide a list of all the artists and studios they have certified as evidence of their work. The blog comes with a search tab where you can look up artists, studios, and any information regarding the tattooing industry. True artists, just like its name, focus more on tattoo artists. They even have a search engine you can use to locate jobs in tattoo shops across the U.S and the rest of the world.  

Tattoo Now

Tattoo Now is one platform known for authenticity. They also are devoted to protecting artists' work by restricting people from copying symbols from the site. The blog features professional tattoo artists such as Jeff Gogue, Liz Cook, and London Reese. Although

the blog has uncountable tattoos, it majorly focus on talking about tattoo collectors and artists. They also have extensive information about becoming a better tattoo artist. Tattoo Now also has content for people yet  to have tattoos. Whether you’re looking for a new or old fashioned tattoo, the site has some of the trendiest symbols you need.  Want to learn something about tattoos? Head to the site to find quality tattoo information. 



The first thing that catches your eyes when you visit this blog is the neat layout. Second is the font used on the blog. Wait until you start reading their content and you’ll be blown away by the level of research they put out

The blog comprises tattoo pictures, tattoo profiles, celebrity interviews, ink-related news, and blogs about the tattoo industry. 

Since its establishment in 1998 by a group of friends who loved ink, focuses on giving information about tattoos, including the advantages and disadvantages of tattooing. If you’re searching tattoo ideas or want to learn something new about tattooing, head to the blog and take advantage of the information they post daily. You’ll certainly gain a lot of knowledge by checking out the blog.                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tattoos Era

Another tattoo blog worth your time is Tattoos Era. The blog focuses on providing new and old tattoo designs. It's one of the leading platforms for creative tattoo ideas you can’t get anywhere else. The blog features articles on choosing the best tattoo designs for girls and boys. Plus,  innovative designs, henna tattoos, and everything you’d want to know when researching about tattoos. The tattoo blog also comes with  a segment on American tattoo designs with focus on American flags and design you can ink on your boy

 Basically, the blog prides itself in providing tattooing information and ideas on a constant basis. You can, therefore, use the blog to come up with a collection of tattoo designs you like. Everything on this tattoo blog is categorized so it’s easy to find any info you want.

There you have it, the top nine tattoo blogs you can use to acquire valuable information and your next tattoo idea. You’ll come across tattoo designs of all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, before you have any tattoo it’s essential to research the available option as much as you can. There are no better resources than blogs solely focused on Tattoo culture. Hopefully, the 9 blogs above can help you find the Tattoos of your choice so take time to check them out.