About Us

We are childhood friends who grew up on the beautiful, but fierce, Basque coast; an area strong in maritime history and a tattoo culture dating back centuries. This was the inspiration for our wanting to capture that authentic art on our pieces. Each one of our designs tells its own story of journeys, aspirations, achievements, loves or luck; designs based on time-honoured themes.

We didn’t want to make items that are ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ but rather pieces that will be, cared-for, treasured and worn with pride for years to come.
Our ethical credentials. All our garments are all made with 100% organic cotton thus avoiding the use of pesticides on the crop and substantially reducing damage to the environment. It also ensures our garments are comfortable, durable and fresh against your skin.

We use 100% paper packaging; no nasty, plastic waste. The manufacturer we work with is Fairtrade certificated and concerned about the working conditions of its employees. For this reason we only work with small factories so that control of production can be maintained.